How To Add a Spring/Summer Touch To Your Room!

I have been making little tweaks to my room to adjust it to the season and really wanted to share some things that you could do in your room to add a springy/summery vibe.20170522_203349246_iOS

Picture Frames/Wall Art.

I put up a nice white picture frame with bright photos and I think it added a really lovely touch. I also think the white frame makes it feel very fresh.IMG_9642


The bedding in your room pretty much sets the whole mood so bright coloured bedding can make it just as springy or summery as you want. I’ve gone very summery with crazy, bright coloured pineapple sheets that bring the room to life. I keep my walls plain so I can change my bedding style easily and change the feel of the room.IMG_9645

A Splash of Colour.

A splash of colour could be something vibrant or something pastel. I’ve gone for a mix of vibrant colours to match my bed but on a little shelf I have a Pandora bag with a gorgeous pastel bow and around my room, I have some other little pink bits too to pick up the pastel accent.IMG_9650IMG_9646


A set of fresh smelling candles or a flowery reed diffuser can really make a difference. It makes your room feel a lot airier and if you can get some that look cute too, it definitely adds something to your room.IMG_9656


Something green or colourful is a deffo spring summer must have. I did have a little plant in my room but it turns out I’m not very good at looking after real plants so I recommend fake flowers if you are like me and don’t have green fingers. Fake will last forever and stay looking gorgeous. A hand tied bouquet of fresh flowers can also look amazing in a pretty vase, they smell great too.IMG_9654

I hope you have fun Springing/Summering up your room with all these ideas in mind. Also ‘That’s all from me’ is getting tiring so i’ve decided to change it up a bit and my new ending will be…

Love Jasmine xx

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