Top 5 Spring Nail polishes!

I’m not great at doing my nails, in fact, I’m awful but I gave it my best try for this blog post. I picked out a couple of my favorite shades that I would wear in Spring so enjoy…

I really love a simple French manicure and I think it suits the spring vibe. I got a Boutique nail polish french manicure set in Sainsbury’s however I don’t think they sell this one anymore, but there are loads of sets if you look around (for example this kit from boots: If you want it to look super neat then I would reccomend fake nails. IMG_9536IMG_9541


I found this beautiful coral colour and I’m actually really digging it. It’s a subtle colour and I think I could probably even get away with it at school but don’t hold me to that 🙂 I got this from a big technic set of 16 polishes and some other bits included.IMG_9571IMG_9560


I absolutely love this pop of pink which looks so cute with the spring blossoms. I also like to add a gel top coat to finish it with a glossy look. This is probably my favourite becuase it applies nicely and looks really pretty, especially with some pink accesessories.



If you’re not really into all the light colours but still want something springy, this is a nice blue colour that looks really cool with a sparkly ring and some flowers. This nail polish was only 99p and it’s so adorable, don’t you think? I can’t find it on online so I asume it’s not being sold anymore which is a shame but there are some similar colours like this in stores such as Boots and Superdrug.IMG_9573

Last, but not least, is a pretty pale blue. Like before this was a bargain at £1 from Poundland. This was made for spring and looks so dainty. Out of all my nail polishes this is my favourite blue colour.IMG_9592

I hope this puts you in the mood to do your nails or find some new pretty polishes. I would also really like to invest in some Essie nail polishes as they have some really lovely colours and I can’t help taking some interest when seeing them all over Instagram! Any good suggestions? x

That’s all from me xx



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