What I Bought My Sister for Her 11th Birthday!

I love when it’s my sisters’ birthday because I get to enjoy picking cute things for her. I’m one of those people who enjoys buying presents as much as I do receiving them.

Firstly I found these stunning heels from New Look. They are just little ones but I think she’ll love some grown up shoes to prance about in now and then. I was worried that she might grow out of these fast but I decided to still get them as they were the only pair and were reduced right down to £5. I would have loved these at her age!20170403_171317000_iOS

Next, I found this little fountain in B and M bargains. It’s a bit of an odd present but I think my sister will enjoy the novelty of having a mini fountain in her room (and the cats should too!). This was another little bargain at only £4.99.20170403_171926000_iOS

In Asda, I found the perfect little succulent in a rose gold pot which was on my sisters’ list. I’m slightly jealous and I think I might go back and get myself one because it’s just so cute and only £4.20170403_171739000_iOS

Lastly, I got her a tiara ring from Amazon that looks very much like the one from Pandora. My mum found this and I think it’s a good idea because my sister can wear it happily without having to be really worried about losing an expensive ring. (She is known for losing things.)  The one I got was £11.99 but there are cheaper ones and they are sterling silver in the ‘style of’ Pandora.20170403_165419000_iOS

I hope this gives you some good ideas if you’ve got a sister, niece, daughter etc. to buy for and I hope you enjoyed reading.

That’s all from me xx

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