What I wore in Paris…

I have just been on a mini break in Paris. It was amazing and the weather was just beautiful. Seeing as Paris is a huge fashion capitol I thought I’d share what I wore in Paris. I packed things that didn’t take up too much space so it was all easy to fit in a small cabin suitcase. Hopefully, this could give you some outfit ideas if you’re going away or just looking for some fashion inspo.img_6633

First of all, I chose a really comfy outfit as we decided to drive to Paris from Calais after crossing on the shuttle. I wore a cotton jersey tunic top with my comfiest leggings. It’s perfectly suited for travelling in the car.IMG_6909

When we reached Paris and got into our hotel for a freshen up, I changed into a pale blue, cross neck top from New Look with my tan button up skirt and flesh coloured tights. I wore my brown chelsea boots for comfort and my Zara trench with my pastel scarf. See my next blog post for my reactions to seeing the sights!img_9769

On the second day, I wore a pink pin-striped, scoop-necked top from Select with my white jeans. I love this outfit and I matched it with my iridescent Adidas superstars.fullsizerender 2img_9944

For an evening trip into the city centre, I wore the same style top as the day before except this one was blue with pelicans on it. I absolutely adore these tops and love how light weight and comfy they are. I put this top with black skinny jeans and my trusty superstars.img_9990

On the last day, we spent a lot of time in the car but stopped at CityEurope for a quick shopping sesh so I opted for a comfy but pretty outfit. I ended up wearing a navy lace dress with pink flower patterns. It’s comfy because it’s lined with a silky material. I also wore this with my superstars as my boots were easier to pack.fullsizerender 3

Well, those were my outfits – I hope you enjoyed. I’d love to hear what you would wear to Paris x

That’s all from me xx


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