March Favourites…

I love writing up monthly favourites blogs and the time has come again… Yay! Instead of boring you with a long introduction I’ll get right on with the blog…20170506_062115535_iOS

My mum got me a gorgeous trench coat from Zara and I love it!  I like to wear it with my pastel tartan scarf and some brown boots. It’s the perfect weight for Spring.

I also recently purchased my first pair of Adidas Superstars. I love the holographic ones I got and I think they look so cool. As you can probably tell I don’t always judge shoes on comfort (I get drawn in by whether they are beautiful shoes first!) but these are also really comfortable for longer wear, unless you wear them with thin footsies for a whole day – then it starts to feel a bit itchy.20170331_153010000_iOS

My mum gave me this Barry M Satin Superslick Lip Paint as it was a bit dark for her – It’s in the shade 174 and I like to apply it with a brush if I’m wearing it to school so it’s not too dark. It stays on for ages and leaves a slight matte lip stain which is really nice.20170331_151514000_iOS

The book I’ve been reading this month is ‘The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic’. This book is so relatable and funny. I would definitely recommend it! It’s been around a while so I can binge read the whole series if I want to.20170506_062313000_iOS

Also, I have been obsessed with getting home and putting on silky pyjamas. I featured them in my Top 5 Pyjama Picks blog post because they are just so comfy. I can’t tell you how nice it is to get out of my school uniform and wander around in some free flowing pj’s.  20170325_095926000_iOS

I’m so excited for April as I have lots planned. It’s my sister’s birthday, Easter and I’m going on an exciting trip for a few days as well as having some friends to stay,  I am also planning to fit in some shopping trips so it’s a busy month and my holidays are jam packed but that’s just how I like it!

That’s all from me xx

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