Whats in my bag..

I take a bag nearly everywhere. When I was younger I had seen my Nan and Mum have lots of lovely bags and whenever we went into Primark I took joy in buying those little £5 bags, anyway I’ve upped my game since then and I have some even fancier bags with even more interesting things stuffed inside. I thought you may enjoy a sneak peek within…img_8072

The bag I use most is a fake (Don’t judge I’m just not that rich yet!) Michael Kors one. I bought it on holiday in Lanzarote. I’ve added a grey pleather tassel and a pink pom-pom – they’re so cute! It’s a spacious bag that I can use for school. But I use it in daily life too. I have a matching purse that I always have in my bag – It’s great because it can fit lots in it (like loose change).


In my purse, I usually keep some loose money, my bank card, my bus pass and some plasters. Plasters are so useful in case your shoe rubs or you cut yourself by accident etc.

I don’t know about you but in the zip pocket of my bag, I like to keep odd things that can come in useful. I’ve stuffed my zip pocket out with: a packet of tissues, hand gel, cotton buds (in case my mascara runs when it rains), a hairband, a small bottle of deodorant, lip balm, bobby pins, a small hairbrush and some footsie socks. It sounds like a lot but somehow it all fits into the little zipped up compartment.IMG_4206

One thing you’ll never not see in my bag is my phone. I just chuck it on top where I can reach it easily. Something else useful that you should all get is a portable charger. I use a Trendz one which gives me four extra charges and it’s got a torch.20170222_130037000_iOS

I also have glasses that are handy to have in my bag. I’ll be honest I’m not good at remembering to bring them with me much. I’m safe to walk around without them, but I’m just a bit short-sighted so they’re good to be able to read signs (or in my case fast food and coffee shop menus).

I like to have a couple of bits to top up my makeup depending on what I’m wearing or where I’m going. If I’ve got a simple make-up look, I will most likely just take some extra lipstick. If I’m going to a party or an evening out I will probably take a lipstick, eyeliner, concealer and mascara just to top up. And to do all this extra make-up I need a mirror so I take a small compact mirror. The last thing that I  take, so I stay fresh and pretty all evening is a small perfume – usually a roll on one as they fit well into small compartments and purses.img_8237

And finally … something that always comes in useful… a pen and paper. To be specific a biro and a small notebook is the easiest thing to carry around.

Is there anything that I’ve missed out that you would put in your bag as a must have?

That’s all from me xx

6 thoughts on “Whats in my bag..

  1. mimihxpe says:

    I love this, I usually keep the same things in my bag aswell – but I hadn’t thought of taking cotton buds, thanks for the tip! ❤️ Also, I posted my first blog post yesterday, mind checking it out? Thankyou x


  2. mimihxpe says:

    Hi, I love this, I usually keep the same things in my bag – but I never thought about taking cotton buds, thanks for the tip! ❤️ Anyway, I posted my first blog post yesterday, mind checking it out? Thankyou x

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