December Favourites…

This December I have been reaching for different products and I’d like to share the ones I’ve most loved with you. Not all are beauty and skin care, some are quite random.img_8024

Firstly and quite unrelatedto beauty I have been loving my Primark Christmas cup priced at £4. It lights up and flashes red and has ‘Rudolph Raver’ printed in glitter on the front. It’s so fun and it definitely got me into the Christmas mood.20161228_133820000_iOS


I also have been using the Emma Hardie cleasing balm which I received in my calendar. It really moisturises your skin and cleanses your pores thoroughly. I happened to receive this in my calendar so I don’t have the fullsized one. I found it easiest to use one of my oval brushes to apply it to my face.20161228_133917000_iOS

Another thing that I have really liked whilst it’s been getting colder is this white furry blanket with grey snowflakes on. It’s so fluffy! I took it on a trip to Germany and Holland, it was so nice to curl up in on the long journeys. I bought this a couple of years ago in Primark and put it away, this was the first time I’ve got it out. I have been using it as a throw over Christmas. I’m not sure how much this was, something around £8-10.20170506_080126269_iOS

I am always on the lookout for a good eyeliner and in my calendar I got an eyeko London Skinny liquid eyeliner. It’s got a great fine point that creates a neat cat eye and it’s a really jet black that doesn’t fade during the day. It is very easy to apply and it’s smudge proof, but still comes off without a mess with some soap and water.20161228_134914000_iOS

I love cosy socks and a while ago I found the thickest most cosy socks ever! I bought them in Lidl of all places and they’re actually for men but they stretch really beautifully up my legs and they are lined with fleece. You’ll never get cold feet in these socks!20161228_135412000_iOS

So; I have long, thick hair and I use hair oil to make it shine and detangle. Another thing I got in my calendar was a Josh Wood Radiant shine Hair treatment oil and I love it. It conditions the ends of your hair and adds a lovely glossy look. It’s also quite fun squeezing it out of the dropper 😉 20161228_134537000_iOS

Lastly something you’ve seen me mention multiple times – my calendar. I’ve been really impressed with the products inside and it’s been such fun waiting each day. I strung fairy lights over it and every day I put the products I got in front of it.


That’s it from me xx

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