What I got for my Birthday!♡

Finally, I’ve had time to write my ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ haul. I just want to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and also those who got me a gift. I’m very grateful and I was very spoilt! Now, let’s start…

My favourite gift was from my parents and it was my Ted Baker cardigan which is blush pink with scalloped details and rosegold buttons. I also lurve my big, white, fluffy dressing gown which comes down to my ankles so I can have a good cuddle in it. Carrying on with the clothing, I received a gorgeous pink coat from Primark and my Mum found a soft blanket scarf that matched the colour theme. I have already found myself getting good use out of my new pink boots which, might I add, have fur all the way through the inside! Cosy toes!

Photo from website

Photo from website

Photo from website

My Mum and Dad got me the Maybelline Infallible primer which I’ve heard good things about and a Barry M matte setting spray which I’m hoping will help my oily skin! I was also very excited to open the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette which smells delicious and the shadows look stunning! My Sister found me the perfect dupe for the Fenty Gloss Bomb (the original one) in Primark and it’s sooo pretty.

I love a bit of Ted Baker so I was pleased to open a fabulous little pencil case that can finally replace my rather elderly neon pink one I’ve been using for school. It’s classic black with a pop of pink from the bow and it makes school that little more fun. I was incredibly happy that my Mum and Dad decided to get me two of the Megan Hess books I put on my list. They are absolutely beautiful! My Mum chose this splendid frame that will look so perfect in my room and I absolutely love it. Also, the Happy Birthday candles made me chuckle but they will come in very useful all year round. I’m definitely thinking Easter and Spring vibes with those pastel colours!

You might know, I’m a Pandora fan so I’m always excited to see a little white bag and pink bow because I know what that means! My sister bought me the lushest ring and I’ve worn it every day since (saying that, I wear all my Pandora on a daily basis)  and my Mum and Dad bought me a round clip with diamante hearts on it and a dangly clutch purse charm. I love all of it! My family also bought me some belly bars that were on my list and I’m very happy with those so thank you Mum, Dad, Nan and sister. I also got a simplistic but beautiful necklace.

My friend Elisha spoilt me with the cutest and spikiest cactus ever, a face mask, some really cosy socks and a very cute bee necklace. My friend Mollie also surprised me with an amazing book called ‘Fashion that Changed The World’ and a Real Techniques brush. My friends Jasmine and Elise got me bath bombs, a makeup bag with a very relatable quote and an eyeliner which I was very muchly in need of. My best friend Eleni bought me a Pandora spacer charm which is so pretty and I also had lots of sweets and chocolate from friends at school which I ate very soon after😂.

My Nan and Grandad got me a lovely Ted Baker perfume which smells divine and a fabulous pot with a high heel on. They also got me the Megan Hess book I wanted the most. They definitely know me well! My Aunt, Uncle and cousins bought me a year’s subscription to Vogue and I’m so excited to get my first one soon! They also got me a Vespa perfume set and  I love all the Vespa scents so I was very happy with that.

I’m very impressed if you read all of that because it was very long! Thank you so much for reading and I’m so so pleased with everything I received. I know how lucky I am.

Love Jasmine xx

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