Birthday Wishlist!

Hey everyone! So, very soon it’s my birthday and I’ve picked a few items from my list to share with you that I have my eye on. Of course, I would be grateful for anything at all but in my family, we always find a list helpful and to be honest, I have quite a lot of fun making one so let’s get into it,

I love Vogue and I really want to have a little collection. Therefore, I asked for a 1-year subscription to Vogue. It’s a present that will last all year and I always think subscriptions are such a good present or list idea when they are for something you are passionate about.

Surely, you must have seen this gorgeous book: “Paris Through a Fashion Eye” floating around on Instagram and Pinterest. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and I love Megan Hess (her Instagram is stunning!). I also put a couple of her other lovely books on my list. They are just perfect coffee table books, aren’t they?!

I kept seeing Chanel inspired flats on Pinterest and other places and I think they look so pretty and chic so I put these ones from ASOS on my list. I love the slingback style of them too and they would be so perfect to dress up or down.

Currently, I’m lacking a good gloss to put over my lipstick or wear alone and everyone raves about the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb so of course, I put it on my list. It looks absolutely dazzling and I love the colour!

I have a belly button piercing and I found some really cute belly bars that I put on my list. I only have four and I’d like something new to put in. These are so cute and a perfect little present.

I really hope no one gets the impression that I’m being spoilt or anything like that because that’s not what is meant by this blog post. I simply like sharing ideas and giving some good inspiration. Anyway, thank you so much for reading and tell me when your birthday is in the comments!

Love Jasmine xx

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