September Favourites!♡ 2018

I can't believe how quickly this year is going, I'm already behind on my 'September Favourites' because I just can't keep up! I can't lie though, I am increasingly excited for Halloween and Christmas, anyone else? Last month, I found that I used the Liberata Body Blur Instant Skin Finisher almost as a bb cream or sheer foundation. … Continue reading September Favourites!♡ 2018

My Pandora wishlist!

Pandora has really been a hit lately. I've had a Pandora bangle and ring since September. I really love them but my bangle is looking slightly bare. So I have a few charms I've got my eye on. The one I really like is the Midnight Blue Radiant Hearts Charm. I love how classy it … Continue reading My Pandora wishlist!