DIY Beauty: Eyebrows!

So I’ve decided to turn these DIY Beauty blog posts into a mini series! Make sure you read the last one where I explained how to do your own nails so that it almost looks as if you’ve just been to a Nail Salon. Anyway, one thing I always have to regularly do is get my eyebrows done because those things need taming! I’m sure we’re all worried that we’ll come out of lockdown looking like a hair monster or at least I am! Today I’ll talk about how I’ve been looking after my brows myself until it’s safe enough to get them done professionally again.

So, plucking is a great way to get those horrible thick and easy to pull out hairs. Plucking what you can will instantly give your brows a boost of life and create a much neater look.

I have personally taught myself how to thread my eyebrows (trust me I’m no professional but I can thread my eyebrows without any disasters and that’s all I need) which I find really helps quicken up the process compared to plucking and it’s much easier to remove the thinner hairs which can be a bit tricky with tweezers if they can’t get a grip on it. I also find threading helps you create a neater shaped eyebrows but I would recommend watching some videos on YouTube like I did if you’d like to attempt learning how to thread.

I always brush my eyebrows up and give the first cm a little trim along the top because I noticed the eyebrow lady always did this to my brows when I got them done and it definitely makes them look a lot neater!

To perfect these groomed brows we have created, I sometimes use brow tint. To be honest, I naturally have quite dark eyebrows so I’m not sure if this does a huge amount however I lead to myself to believe that I can see some sort of a difference. If you have lighter eyebrows that you’re constantly filling in I think using brow tint is a fab idea.

I hope this may come in helpful for some of you, which beauty hacks have you been using? Thanks for reading, stay safe,

Love Jasmine Xx

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