Glowing Up for Back To School!

Sooo, the back to school season is swiftly approaching but I won’t lie, I actually quite enjoy watching and reading back to school tips, hauls and all the rest. I think they put you in the perfect, motivated mind set for back to school (or work) so I’m going to be doing a mini back to school series. To kick start this, we’re going to be glowing up! I don’t know about you but I’ve probably spent most of this holidays with a messy bun and wearing comfy clothes. However, I feel it’s time to make myself feel nice and confident for when I go back so here are some of the things I’ve done to prepare!


I want my hair to be shining and luscious so I’ve started well by getting a big chop off of the ends in the holidays. Cutting your hair (even just the ends), gets rid of those dead dry parts and improves the whole condition of your hair. I’m also going to do a conditioning hair mask of coconut oil, just to make it feel as healthy as possible.


Hopefully I can start the academic year off well with glowing skin. To do this I’m going to do a refreshing face mask and make sure I stick strictly to my skin care routine! Just before I go back, I like to apply a layer of the gradual tan moisturiser as this helps to top up and enhance that gorgeous tan you’ve got in the summer and hydrate your skin too!


I know that most schools and work places don’t allow you to do much with your nails but I always like to cut and file my nails to just to make them look neat. I sometimes like to start the year off with a tidy French manicure but even clear nail polish can add a bit of something to your nails! Don’t forget to give your toenails some care too, even if it’s just to make you feel good about yourself, it’s a nice touch.

Hair Removal

For some reason it felt really weird writing hair removal but I’m talking about getting your eyebrows done and waxing your legs! I love to get my brows done before school so they look neat and it also helps to frame your face. I have PE once a week so I like to start waxing so that my legs look nice and smooth! Keep and get rid of whatever hair makes you feel confident – it’s a personal choice for each individual!😂


I’ll probably put on some light makeup for my first day back but nothing too much. Hopefully I will be posting a simple School makeup look on here as part of the series so make sure you don’t miss that!

Well that’s how I’ll be glowing up for back to school! What’s your favourite thing to do that makes you feel confident? Thanks for reading,

Love Jasmine Xx

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