How to Create Instagram Perfect Pancakes!

So, this year I was pondering on what dedicated post I could make for Pancake Day because I am so bored with doing pancake recipes. Anyway, I started flicking through other people’s Pancake Day posts from last year and I realised all the pancakes were all beautifully set up and camera ready which puts us where we are now. Today, I’m sharing how to set up pancakes that are almost posing for a picture!

Starting with the main event: the pancakes, I just bought a supermarket packet of scotch pancakes. I cheated with the readily done ones because I know that way they will be perfect and pleasing to the eye and also I don’t see the point in making hot, fresh scrumptious pancakes that will go cold after lots of photographs and by the time you’ve spent a couple of hours getting ‘the perfect shot’ you’ll have probably gone off the whole idea of pancakes😂. Start by stacking them very neatly, if you like you could put a small wooden skewer through the middle so they can’t move about.

What really makes these pancakes ‘Instagram Perfect’ is the decoration. I bought some bits to decorate with:

  • White chocolate
  • Pink and White mini marshmallows
  • Frozen berries
  • Spring flowers (edible ones are better however I couldn’t get hold of any so I used real ones as decoration)

A sticky syrup drizzle does look beautiful in all the ads however I  refrained from using it (not only because I don’t like maple syrup) but because I feared that it might soak into the pancakes or not drizzle the way I would like. However, if you feel brave enough, go for it! Instead I melted and drizzled white chocolate over my pancakes.

I carefully placed a good ratio of white to pink marshmallows on the top of the stack as well as placing a few small flowers too. The berries liven it all up so I topped the first pancake with them. It’s a nice touch to add some flowers and berries to the plate so I went ahead and did that too.

Lastly, I’d advise to decorate the background a bit. I opted for a breakfast tray, a flower in a vase, some jam, some cutlery and a ‘Love’ sign.

Now you’re ready to start snapping! I hope you enjoyed this pancake day special, I was quite pleased with my ‘Instagram Pancakes’ in the end. (On the day though … nothing beats fresh, thin ones from the pan.) Thanks so much for reading,

Love Jasmine xx


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