Flirty Eyes Makeup Look!​

Hey everyone! So recently I’ve discovered a love for a really subtle look contrasted with some gorgeous, fluttery, long lashes so I’ve decided to share it with you today. This is a really pretty look for spring but it’s also very adaptable so you can easily add steps that change up the look to suit you personally.

Starting with the base, I used a light amount of foundation (which was the slightest bit too dark for me) so I used a lighter concealer to match my face with my neck. I followed with a layer of powder and then used the Benefit Hoola bronzer for a natural and beautiful bronzed look which will look really good with the eye look that I’ll talk about soon. Make sure to apply a layer of pretty blush to add to the flirtiness of the theme and some stunning highlight that will stand out against the refined look.

I use the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay for the eyes. I started by taking the shade Sauced to create the shape I wanted then I built up the shade Low Blow all over the eyelid. I put a bit of highlighter on the brow bone and inner corners to define the eyes a bit and I also filled in my brows slightly.

For the lips, I stuck with a nice nude to tie in with the brown shades that I used on the eyelids. However, a pretty pink could also look super cute or a gorgeous gloss!

Now, the main event of this look; the flirty, long lashes! I used a beautiful pair that I bought from eBay. They were such a bargain as they came in a pack of five of real mink 3D lashes for only £2.98 (and I got way too excited over the fact they come with tweezers to help you apply your lashes easily) – here’s the link. I prepped my own eyelashes by curling them and coating them with a light mascara then I picked the fluffiest and flutteriest looking lashes. They really tie the whole look together and become the first thing your eyes are drawn to when you see the look.

I’d really like to experiment with the same style look but by adding some more colour to the eyelids or a sharp eyeliner flick! Anyway, I hope you liked the post and the look I did today, thanks so much for reading!

Love Jasmine xx 


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