My New Years Resolutions 2019!♡

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and everything else. I’m hoping to make this year really good and I can’t wait to see what it holds. Here are my resolutions and goals for the new year and I’ve also added a little blog update for the year.

Reading – I plan to do lots more reading this year because I didn’t make enough time last year to read for pleasure and I think it’s really important plus it will really help me in my GCSEs to learn much more vocabulary. You learn a lot of general knowledge from books which is why I really want to get back into them.

Photography – I feel like last year I got caught up with just taking photos purely to fit Instagram or for my blog but this year I plan to do some more experimental photography that’s just for me. I want to really understand everything on my camera and learn some new techniques.

Procrastinating – I am the worst at procrastinating when it comes to getting things done. I will always get the thing I need to do done but sometimes it will take me way longer than it should have. I started getting a bit better with this at the end of last year by using planners to plan out exactly what I need to do by what time so I plan to keep this going this year.

Food and Exercise – Every year I vow to do more exercise and to be fair I always do it from about the start of spring until the middle of summer which I plan to do again this year. In my opinion, there’s no point starting my exercising now when I’m not motivated as I’m only wearing big winter clothing anyway😂 As for food, I would say that my food habits are a lot better. I don’t do as much snacking and I eat three full meals instead of eating bits whenever but this year I want to try and fill my plate with even more fruits and veg. I always eat fruit and veg but probably not my 5 a day so my plan is to make sure my meals are very balanced this year.

My blog update – This year I really want to make posts that I really think are good and I love because last year I didn’t feel as inspired and I wasn’t really proud of everything I was posting (especially blogmas). My goal is to really work on my blog and to put lots of effort into it but it will mean lots of planning because I have a feeling this is going to be a very busy year!

What are your New Years resolutions? Thanks so much for reading and feel free to leave some suggestions of blog posts you would like to see this year. See you soon,

Love Jasmine xx


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