M&S Beauty Calendar Weekly Round Up!♡

It’s nearly the last Weekly Round Up! This month has flown by rapidly and I’ve got five new goodies to show you today so let’s see…

December 16th – Diego Dalla Palma Eye Pencil

This eye pencil is smooth and lovely. It’s just what I needed in my makeup collection. I haven’t really got a good eye pencil but this is so nice.

December 17th – Balenceme Wonder Eye Cream

Like I mentioned in one of the previous Round Ups, I do love using eye creams however I do think they probably should have stuck to just putting one eye cream in the calendar. Although. this is a really nice eye cream and they have put in a good sized product too.

December 18th – Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

Every year they put this in and I’m not moaning because I adore this stuff. It’s my favourite night cream for leaving you looking bright and fresh in the morning.

December 19th – Autograph Blusher Brush

This brush is so soft and lovely. I would probably use it for blusher or highlighter. It’s also quite small which makes it really good for travelling with or popping into you bag to use as a top up brush.

December 20th – Living Good Perfect Hair Day Styling Treatment

I don’t believe they’ve put this brand in the calendar before and it’s really nice to be introduced to a new hair brand. I’ve tried this, this morning and my hair feel really good. It blow dried nicely and straightened well too as well as staying sleek throughout a very long car journey.

Did you read yesterday’s blog post? If not check the links below! I really hoped you liked seeing what was in the M&S calendar this week. Thanks for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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