Gift Swap with my Bestfriend!♡

Today, I’m introducing you to my bestfriend: Eleni! We swapped Christmas presents and I’m going to show you what we got each other. It’s so fun having some presents before Christmas because it got us really excited for Christmas!

What I got for Eleni:

  • I got Eleni a really comfy Jack Wills grey jumper. I know how much she loves a cosy jumper and she loves Jack Wills too so I just had to get it for her!
  • Eleni uses the Daisy Marc Jacobs perfume and noticed it was getting low so I got her the M&S Rosie perfume (I can’t remember which one😂). I really wanted to get her a lovely perfume and how cute is the bottle?! To go with it, I gave her the shower gel which smells so luxurious!
  • Lastly, I got her a Minnie Mouse gel eye mask because we’re going to Disney Land in January and I thought it might be cute for the journey.

What Eleni got for me:

  • I’ve never tried anything from the Millie Mackintosh range but I’m so excited to use this stunning highlight and bronze kit. Highlight and bronze compacts are my favourite, I literally use my Esteé Lauder one everyday and I’m starting to reach the pan! Also this comes with the softest brush which is so nice.
  • Eleni also got me this gorgeous Ted Baker nail polish and lipstick set which perfectly matches my whole kind of ‘aesthetic’. The lipstick is so nice and I love the shade of the nail polish. Also, they look so pretty on my dressing table!

I’m so grateful for my gifts from Eleni (She knows me so well!) and I had such fun shopping for her. What did you get for your best friend? Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Love Jasmine xx

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