How to Take Your Gift Wrapping to The Next Level!♡

Now, I’m no expert at gift wrapping but if you want to improve your skills on an unprofessional level, these are some of mine and my mum’s little tips.

Ribbons, string/twine and curling ribbon – This is a fantastic way to upgrade your presents. This year I chose to use ribbons and make bows to stick on my presents whereas my mum decorated with pretty string and curling ribbon.

Stickers – I’m not personally a fan of these but my mum is obsessed with putting name stickers on her presents. It does make it very easy to find who’s gifts are who’s on Christmas day.

Candy Canes – I don’t know why but we love putting candy canes on our presents. I think it looks so festive and cute and it takes a plain present to something a little more interesting looking. Plus it’s a sweet treat for the person you’re gifting too!

Add some wintery foliage and berries – This is a touch a lot of people do but I’ve never actually tried myself. It looks so pretty when you attach some holly or wintery leaves and berries with some nice twine. It creates a very traditional and personal decoration that will look beautiful sitting under your tree.

Pick some coordinating wrapping paper – For example, I chose to use all pink, white, blue and gold colours to match the themes in my room. My mum chose to use traditional Christmas colours like red, green. I think this makes everything look a lot more uniform and neat.

Save boxes to wrap – If you’re anything like me then your wrapping skills are not top notch but I find wrapping boxes a lot easier so I tend to save boxes to put peoples presents in and wrap it like that instead.

Goodie bags – My mum always helps me make pretty little bags of goodies when I need small presents for a few friends or something like that. We do this by getting some cellophane bags, adding some Christmas glitter, some sweets and a little gift in each then they are tied up with a nice ribbon. This can make something really small feel very special.

Have you already done your wrapping up this year? I’m super happy with how my gifts look this year, I can’t wait to give them to everyone! Thanks for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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