Stocking Fillers for the Family!♡

Stockings! Those fun little gifts that lift everyone’s spirits, I’ve picked out some fun presents perfect for stockings and this one’s not just for ‘her’. These are some ideas for the whole family, so enjoy…

For Mum-

  • A Wet Brush or a Tangle Teezer – I absolutely love my wet brush and I’ve heard a lot of women love the Tangle teaser too which is why I think these are a fab stocking filler option!
  • Lipbalm – I can’t live without my lip balm by my side and I notice none of my friends can either which is why is a great gift. If you need some brand ideas, I personally love Burts Bees, EOS, Carmex or Vaseline.
  • A Book – I think the Megan Hess books are such a gorgeous surprise to open on Christmas morning, but if who you’re buying for isn’t into that kind of thing then a classic novel or festive chick lit is sure to excite her!
  • A jewellery box – travel jewellery cases and jewellery storage have become a big thing lately. They always pop up lots at Christmas because they are a well know fab present. I’ve seen some gorgeous cheaper ones on eBay and Amazon or you could get something a bit pricier from Stackers or other various places.
  • Candles – candles will always be a great gift to give and receive. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love some. Yankee candles in the sample size are perfect for stockings.

For Dad-

  • Denman D3M Mens 7 Row Styling Hairbrush – I think we always just assume that men only need a tiny comb to brush and style their hair but if your man of the family has thick hair, this might just be the perfect gift!
  • Bluetooth Gloves – These Bluetooth gloves are such a cool gadget, they have touch screen fingers and join up with your phone so you can answer your calls, talk and listen through your gloves! These don’t even have to be just for Dad because even to me they seem like a brilliant idea.

  •  Cufflinks – Cufflinks are really good if the person you’re buying for is often dressed up smartly and would appreciate something like this to add to his outfit.

  • Multitools – My dad loves his multi-tool and I can’t lie, it is quite handy for loads of different things.
  • Travel Sized Toiletries – If he’s a guy that likes to travel this is a fantastic gift that will come in very handy when he’s off on adventures with just cary on luggage.

For Children-

  • Bubble Bath – I absolutely loved getting a bubble bath in my stocking as a child, in fact, my mum (I mean Father Christmas…oops!) still puts some in sometimes! Matey is of course the best!
  • Claire’s Kids makeup sets – The Claire’s makeup sets are such a good childhood memory for me and all my friends, these are the cutest, kid-friendly stocking stuffers and the sets come in the most adorable packaging!
  • Slime – What child doesn’t love a bit of slime? The DIY slime sets are a really good stocking filler present, FYI.
  • Coin purse – I don’t know about you but when I was little I felt so proud carrying around my £1 and 30 pence in an adorable coin purse😂. Claire’s have some really cute options if you’re looking!
  • Beanie Bears – With their huge “hug me” looking eyes, I can’t ever seem to just walk by without stopping to look at these adorable bears, there are loads of new appealing Christmas ones out too!
  • Toys – kids love ALL toys so head to a toy store and you’ll be sorted from the second you walk in!

For Teens-

  • Zoella Lifestyle Range – Zoella’s lifestyle range has some great products perfect for stocking fillers, I personally think her ‘Zoella Lifestyle Caramel Flavoured Hot Chocolate & Mug’ is really cute!
  • Calvin Klein Underwear – Calvin Klein is a popular brand within teens and although to you it may seem a bit random to get some underwear in your stocking, I’m sure your teen will be very happy and only slightly embarrassed😂
  • Body Spray – this is perfect for boys and girls because they’re great to chuck into your school bag.
  •  Wallet/Purse – Your teens are probably starting to collect a bit more money than they used to so give them somewhere safe to keep it with a nice wallet or purse.
  • Fake Nails – Primark does the best range of fake nails from plain to cute patterned and themed ones. I’m always really happy if my mum gets me some nails!
  • Earphones – every teenager I see nowadays has some earphones trailing from their ears so these would be a fab gift for teens who are always listening to music.

I hope this was a handy blog post if you’re struggling for little gifts. Also, you can totally take some inspo from the photos too. Sorry, there isn’t really any boys photos (I only have a sister – there are no boys in the house other than my dad which means I had nothing to photograph for them). Thanks so much for reading, can’t wait to see you again for blogmas day 7!

Love Jasmine xxx

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