The Girlie Gadget Gift​ Guide!♡

I’ve seen loads of gift guides ‘for her’ and I wanted to join in on the fun but I’m sure you’re probably a bit bored by now so this is a gadget gift guide!

1. I am completely obsessed with my GHD hair straighteners and couldn’t live without them! They are the perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves doing their hair.

2. If you know the girlie you’re buying for loves her music then some nice earphones or a speaker will be perfect. There are loads of super cute and really nice earphones and speakers on the market. Here are some that I’ve found:

3. Polaroid cameras are such a cute gift. It’s so nice to be able to take a photo and have it in your hand in seconds. Or you could get an instant printer that they can throw in their bag and use to print some cute photos from their phone.

4. We all know a girl who’s totally into keeping fit (not me!😂). These fitness trackers are such a good gift idea because they count footsteps, track your heart rate, set timers and so much more. You can find loads that range in prices, colours and styles everywhere online.

5. Is who you’re buying for a selfie queen? If so she definitely needs a clip on phone ring light because we all know, lighting is key!

Is there any tech you’re longing to get for Christmas? I hope this helped you out or was a fun read. Remember to follow so you don’t miss the rest of Blogmas!

Love Jasmine xx

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