5 Ways to Style a Tartan/Check skirt!♡

It’s Blogmas day 2! Did you enjoy yesterday’s post? If you haven’t read it yet the link is at the end of this blog post. Anyway, I think of a tartan or check skirt as a must-have during the festive season so here are 5 different ways I’ve styled them. I hope this gives you some good inspiration and I’d love to hear your favourite ways to style tartan/check skirts! (Also, I’d like to thank my sister for being the model in these photos😂)

Style 1: This is the go-to outfit that always looks stylish and lovely. A ribbed roll neck top tucks so nicely into a tartan skirt. I love pairing this cream roll neck with this skirt because the skirt is quite dark so the top lightens up the look a bit and evens it out in my opinion.

Style 2: For this one I’ve put a cosy, thick jumper with this check skirt. This look feels very Burberry inspired which I quite like. Also, it’s a wintry but not a dark outfit which I often enjoy because you don’t just need to wear black and red leading up to Christmas.

Style 3: Continuing what I said on the last style, you need to have a red/black/beige tartan skirt. I absolutely adore this ice blue one I have and I love pairing it with this little blue top. This whole outfit reminds me of an ice skater which gives it the very wintry look. I’ve also seen loads of other gorgeous skirts online so have a look for one that stands out!

Style 4: On the contrary to all my previous points, here’s a lovely traditional look. I put this tartan skater skirt with a smooth, black high neck top. I love the skater style of this skirt as I feel it really changed up the look. To make this feel extra Christmassy, I added some red velvet heels.

Style 5: Lastly, I think tartan/check skirts look so good with some long boots. I prefer this to wearing black tights as for some reason I feel like it just looks better. Wear some skin coloured tights to stay warm!

Thank you for reading blogmas day 2! I hope you liked it and if you did please leave a like. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow for blogmas day 3!

Love Jasmine xx

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