Christmas Shopping on eBay?!♡

A lot of the time, eBay is seen as a cheap website where you usually don’t get what’s in the picture, however, I’ve had some brilliant finds on eBay and I’m definitely going to do some Christmas shopping on there. So here are my useful tips, some of my best buys from eBay and a few gift ideas…

Surely, everyone’s number one tip is to check the reviews on an item or the sellers rating! Also, check the shipping time, especially if you need it by Christmas. I’ve always had my orders delivered on time, if not early which is another reason I like eBay although it all depends on what seller you’re buying from. Lastly, if you’re looking for something like some sunglasses and there are hundreds of sellers selling them, have a little search about to see if you can find them at a cheaper price rather than the first option that pops up. Beware; I have found that sometimes the cheaper ones can take longer to ship so always check.

In my ‘October Favourites’, I briefly showed my faux suede, grey, over the knee boots. I got these for just £13.99 which is a major comparison to most high street stores selling similar ones for about £30-50. Obviously, they’re not amazing quality but good enough to walk in for a while. I love these and they look gorgeous which is all I wanted from them so they’re serving their purpose perfectly!4561424240_img_8636

Would you have guessed that the dress I used in my ‘Halloween Last Minute Costumes’ blog post was £3.59 from eBay? Well, it was! I bought this last year and it’s a perfect little black dress and for the price, I think the quality is fine and it looks nice so what’s not to be pleased about?

You may have seen my retro pink heart sunglasses if you follow my Instagram and yes, those were from eBay for £2.99. I absolutely looove these and will probably end up buying another pair in a different colour next year!

Last year for Christmas I got my sister an iridescent seashell bag for £5.99 and to put with it, some mermaid makeup brushes. She absolutely loved them and they were the perfect present.

Gift ideas- I’ve made a little collage of things I’ve found and I’ve also left all their links. These would all be perfect for stockings!

1. Mink Eyelashes-

2. Lipstick Shape Portable Charger-

3. Personalised sleep mask – Silk Sleep Mask-

4. Fashion Watch –

5. Personalised Phone Case –

This is in no way sponsored or anything like that, this was simply just me sharing my love of ebay😂 Thanks for reading Blogmas day 1, stay tuned for the rest!

Love Jasmine xx

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