Getting A Good Nights Sleep!

Sleep is what we’re always looking forward to. Right? I know I always am but I also know a lot of people who say they can never get a good nights sleep so today I’m sharing my tips on how I get a well rested night. I wouldn’t say I go to bed really early and get a long nights sleep but I can always sleep through the night without disruption and feel good in the morning.

Routine is what I live by when it comes to the evening. Even a rough routine (so you’re doing similar activities before you go to bed) can be enough for your body to realise it’s time to start winding down.

Doing a bit of exercise or meditation is good to let out some energy before you go to sleep but I would recommend that after this it’s good to have a hot bath or read a book so your heart rate can slow back down and you can relax to prepare your body for sleeping.

All the time I read articles that say I should not go on my phone for any length of time before bed. I don’t know about you but I know I just can’t do it! Instead, I make sure to have my phone on night mode from 7 O’clock onwards, therefore, less blue light is potentially keeping me awake.

Keeping the room cool, dark and quiet is key. If it’s too hot I really struggle to sleep so I’ll open the window. Then I make sure to close my bedroom door so if any lights in the house are turned on, they don’t disturb my sleep. Sometimes if it just doesn’t feel dark enough I’ll put on a sleep mask which does the job. (Random chat: I never close my curtains because I like the daylight to wake me up a bit so it’s less of a shock when my alarm goes off, anyone else the same?)

Lastly, when I’m in bed I can often start chatting away with myself in my head for ages which is unconsciously keeping me up (is this weird?). Anyway, if you can try and stop thinking about anything. I know it sounds weird but it works so try. I have heard that if your mind is really buzzing imagine painting a black wall white, rollering on the colour. It’s supposed to be better than counting sheep!

I really hope some of these help you if you struggle to get a good sleep but honestly, I think part of it comes down to whether you’re a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper. I’m definitely a heavy sleeper! I can literally go to sleep anywhere😂 Thank you so much for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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