My 10 Minute Makeup Routine!

My 10-minute makeup routine is mostly for school for a natural look, or if I feel like just a little bit of makeup on the weekends. Everyone should have a 10 or 5-minute makeup routine because it’s so handy! Let’s jump right in…

I start with some moisturiser then sometimes go in with primer although I feel it’s fine to skip this out on this routine if you feel like it. Then I put on some oil free foundation but I prefer to do a thinner layer of this as I think of this as a light makeup look. After that, I put some concealer on and set it all with powder.

I always use bronzer because it gives you a lovely glowing look and it’s a quick alternative to doing a full contour which you do not have time for! I have a bronzer, highlight compact which is perfect for doing my quick bronze and highlight.

As for the eyes, I just stick with doing the eyelashes because they brighten up your eyes. I curl them and coat them in mascara until they look long and lovely. Recently, I’ve added a new step for my eyebrows. I dip my spoolie into some brow powder and brush it through my eyebrows just to slightly define and fill them in.

Lastly, I finish off with some lip balm and lipgloss to pull the simple look together. Just spritz on some perfume and you’ll be ready to go!

I hope you enjoyed my 10-minute makeup routine, please leave a like if you did. Also, I’m currently looking for some good reads to cosy up with this Autumn, so link your blog posts below so I can have a look! x

Love Jasmine xx

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