August Favourites! 2018

I’m quite sad that August has come to an end as I hate to let go of the summer but I always look forward to September because it’s my birthday month. I hope everyone has had a good start back to work or school if you’ve had a nice, long holiday like me. So … August Favourites …

I don’t think I’ve stopped wearing my Saltwater Sandals because they’re so comfy, easy and practical plus they go with every outfit! They were perfect in the holidays as they are made to stand up to the sea and we ended up at the beach lots.

I love to have some handy powder in my bag at all times and so my mum gave me this Benefit on the go powder as she had got a new one. I refilled it with powder as it was nearly run out and I was only fussed about the concept. You tip some out into the lid, then use the brush on the other end to apply it. Quick and easy, all in in one product.

In Poundland, I picked up a weekly planner that you fill out then after the week is over, you rip it off. I love this as it keeps you organised and it’s especially good for remembering homework deadlines and when to upload a blog post etc.

For a while now, I’ve had an obsession with scarves wrapped around bag handles so there was no stopping me when I found the perfect retro style bag scarf in Osprey. I found it in an outlet store on sale so I got it for £6.95 reduced from £40, which I thought was great!

What have you been using lots last month? Leave a comment and like if you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you next time.

Love Jasmine xx

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