I don’t usually do travel blog posts but I thought I’d share some pictures and an overview of my recent holiday to Croatia because I love looking at other peoples holidays for inspiration for places I’d like to go so if you were thinking about going to Croatia I really recommend!,

My family and I stayed in Vodice which was a really pretty little tourist town, however, there weren’t many English tourists there but the locals still spoke excellent English. The weather was gorgeous, I spent most my time in a bikini, regularly dipping into the pool as the sun got a bit unbearable at times. It was a beautiful place to visit and explore as well as really relax and put a pause on reality for a week.

The Krka falls, a stunning natural tourist attraction. This was my favourite experience during the whole holiday.


The ice cream was so cheap and delicious!

This was the seafront that had lots of restaurants and a few shops along. We regularly ate dinner here.

Sibenik beach.

The Sibenik Cathedral.

Have you been on holiday this summer or are you going on holiday soon? Tell me about it in the comments, I love to know!

Love Jasmine xx

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