What’s in my Holiday Makeup Bag!

Hey everyone, so I’m very excited because I’m going on holiday in a few days, yay! I’m getting more organised this holiday and thinking about what I’m going to pack now rather than at last minute. Anyway, I thought I’d share what’s in my travel makeup bag.


I’m going to take my travel sized Smashbox primer and PÜR primer so I have two options. They are both really good primers so hopefully they’ll hold up against the heat. Then I’ll be taking my Collection foundation and concealer. My foundation is nearing the end but I have enough for on holiday and it means it’s less heavy, I may decant it into a travel sized bottle as it is made of glass. I’ll take my my W7 loose powder to lightly set it all.

As for bronzer I’ll take my super cute mini Hoola bronzer which is perfect for travelling with and for blush I’ll take one of my older powder ones as it’s much easier to pack. For highlight I’ll take my unicorn highlighter as it has a lot of colours all compacted fairly small.

Eyes and Eyebrows

For my eyebrows I’m taking my Freedom brow pomade and a Pixi by Petra eyebrow gel to lock them in place.

I’m taking my go to palette ‘Naked Heat’ by Urban Decay which has all my favourite bronzy shades I gravitate towards especially in summer. Also, I’m taking my eyeshadow primer samples by Urban Decay which are really good and keep my eyeshadow on for ages. Furthermore, just one of the samples goes such a long way and lasts me for agesss, I just re-seal it every time with a small bit of sellotape. I’ll be taking some mascara and eyeliner too but I forgot to photograph them. I’ve packed a waterproof mascara and a very lengthening one as well as a felt tip liner and a liquid liner so I’m prepared for all situations😂.


Of course, I’ll be taking a lip balm but that’s going In my carry on luggage which you can read about in my next Blogpost. I go nowhere without my trusty nude Mac lipstick and my gorgeous pinky Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. I threw in a stunning pink lipgloss that I don’t use often because I’d quite like to get the use out of it and I’m always reaching for a gloss so this is the perfect way to remember to use it. Lastly, I have my lip liner to define my lips and that completes my makeup bag.

I’ll obviously I’ll be taking makeup brushes, a beauty blender and eyelash curlers but I didn’t think I needed to focus on them so anyway, I hope you liked this post and if you did I would really appreciate it if you gave it a like. What do you pack in your travel makeup bag?

Love Jasmine xx

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