Beauty Secrets! (Tips & Tricks)

Recently, I’ve realised there are some really useful things I’ve picked up about beauty. Now, I’m not sure if I’m just really late to the party or if these are things not many people know about but I’m going to share them with you anyway.

My number one tip is A BAR OF SOAP! Does everyone already know this is the magical form of soap that cleans things so quickly? I’ll give you some examples of how I use it most:

•to get the fake tan off the palm of my hands (I swear liquid soap will not get the fake tan off of my hands but a bar of soap and ta-da!)

•to clean my makeup brushes (it used to take me about 10-15 minutes to wash each brush, mostly my foundation one. Now it takes me 2 if that with a bar of soap)

Following this, I’m pretty sure this is already a big thing but I realised that running an ice cube over your face really tightens your pores and I swear it makes my skin feel like it’s really taut which makes my cheekbones and jawline look more pronounced. This is a great step before you do your makeup although it can give you a bit of a brain freeze 🙂

Now,  I really cannot stress how very very important it is to drink lots of water. Your skin and general health will thank you greatly. You are much less likely to get headaches, illness and spots if you are drinking LOTS. Especially in this heat, the sun will make you very dehydrated.

A handy tip to lock your makeup into place for longer is spraying a bit of setting spray onto your beauty blender and patting the spray into your skin. Equally, you could spray the setting spray onto your face then go in with a beauty blender after to dab it in firmly.

To conclude, the last tip I have for you is avoid shaving where possible! I personally have never touched my legs with a shaver because I’ve learnt from my mum that the hair grows back very quickly and it’s prickly. Waxing or sugaring results in thinner hair regrowth and it doesn’t grow back for another few weeks. When it does it is soft and thin.

I hope you can take some of these tips, that I live by, with you. Please tell me about your beauty secrets and tricks in the comments! I love finding out new things like when I heard someone at school say to try using baby powder to get that stubborn, stuck sand of you after the beach – I need to try this! Anyway, please let me know if you enjoyed this post giving a like,

Love Jasmine xx

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