My Instagram Giveaway!

Hi guys, I’m really excited to do my first giveaway to thank everyone who supports my blog and Instagram account. You may have popped over here after seeing my Instagram post to get a better look at the products, but if you’ve just stumbled upon this blog post so far, just keep reading to find out how to enter. Before I get started I’m going to point out this is a UK only giveaway, I’m sorry if that means you can’t take part but hopefully in the future some time I can do a national one.

First in the giveaway; I picked up this trio of NYX lipsticks. In here you have a crazy purple in the shade ‘Twisted’ that looks really cool, then you have a gorgeous pink in the shade ‘Privileged’ and lastly a peachy pink in the shade ‘Beam’. I managed to find some swatches of them on the internet.

Next, I got this Too Faced liquified Longwear Lipstick in the shade ‘Melted Jelly Donut’. This colour is bold but wearable for every day and I have found you a picture so you can see how beautiful it looks on. I almost want to keep this for myself!

I thought these chic cat headphones deserved a place in the giveaway because they are so cute. I am a beauty lifestyle and fashion blogger after all so I wanted to incorporate all those features into my giveaway which is why it’s not all makeup.

This Makeup Revolution palette caught my eye because of its gorgeous shades. I thought that one of you would also love it so I had to include it. The variety of colours means you could create a bright, warm or dark eye look with this.

Lastly, to finish up this little giveaway I picked up some Gold Mask Peel Off Face Masks. The packaging sold me on these because they sound brill (supposedly deep cleansing and blackhead removing). I might have to buy myself a pack of these and try them out too!

To enter the giveaway check out my Instagram post with the rules stated clearly in the caption. It’s super easy, so go and enter! I mean why wouldn’t you? It’s a chance to win free stuff! Instagram: @justjasmineella

I’d just like to state all of the products in the giveaway are brand new and unopened. Happy entering and watch out on my Instagram for when I announce the winner who will be chosen at random. If you have any questions please comment below. Don’t forget to like this and follow the blog, good luck!

Love Jasmine xx

Instagram: @justjasmineella

Twitter: @justjasmineella

Pinterest: @justjasmineella

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