May Favourites! 2018

Hey everyone, this month I’ve felt a bit inactive on here because I’ve been caught up revising for exams and so on. However, I would never miss out on a monthly favourite so I’m back and I promise to get more organized for next month!

The first thing I have been loving has to be my round bag from Primark. It’s so cute, I just really like it. It was also so cheap that it doesn’t matter if it goes out of trend. I adore how I can fit what I need in it eg. my phone, purse and a lipstick (I even managed to squeeze in a cardigan and portable charger too!).

I have been using this lipliner from Poundland a lot at the moment. Poundland beauty items can really surprise you sometimes and this lipliner is so creamy and lovely. Seeing as it will probably run out quite quickly I much prefer only paying £1 for it.

Who doesn’t want that golden glow? I know I do,  so I’ve been using the St.Moriz tanning lotion. It gives a lovely bronze look which isn’t so obvious that it looks terrible. It also doesn’t go streaky as long as you exfoliate and rub it in properly.

I have been using these Clearasil products to help clear up my skin a little and they are doing a great job. Laying out in the sun has also helped dry up some spots and these products are stopping any new ones pop up. The pads are soaked with a liquid that drys up your spots and the pad exfoliates your face, then the cream gets right into your pores soaking up the oils and etcetera that are causing the spots.

I am so obsessed with these new sandals that my nan bought me back from Thailand. They are so sparkly and glam, they also go with everything! I have been wearing them loads since I got them because they are so pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s favourites, if you did please like this, maybe comment and give a follow 🙂

Love Jasmine xx

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