Meghan Markle Wedding Inspired Makeup Look!

I hear wedding bells… who else sat down today to watch the lovely Meghan Markle and Prince Harry get married? She looked absolutely stunning! So, I decided to do this makeup look which was inspired by her simplistic and beautiful look.

Meghan looks very dewy and glowy so I started off by using a moisturiser then under my foundation, I used an illuminator on my cheekbones and my nose. I mixed my foundation with a bit of my Soap & Glory Hocus Focus so my foundation was a bit lighter as she goes for a very natural base, not too caked up.

She has a gorgeous bronze colouring so I used some Benefit Honolulu to bronze my cheeks and forehead. Also, I patted some blush on because I noticed she had a lovely dash of pink on her cheeks or maybe it was just the overwhelming event which gave her the rosy tint. Using a subtle highlight I dusted my upper cheekbones, nose, browbone and the corner of my eyes with some glow.

On the subject of eyes and brows, I went in lightly on the eyebrows as hers are very natural but filled in so they have a nice shape and I mildly carved them out. For the eyes, I went for a refined orangy-brown look. Looking at the pictures, I wish I’d added a bit more colour but I think the thick liner and long lashes finished it off nicely. I put eye pencil on my lower waterline which is a bit different for me and I usually wear a flick on my eyeliner but I really liked this effortless look.

I noticed Meghan has a few freckles sporadically placed around her face so I used some brow pomade and a sharply pointed brush to add a few faux freckles to the look. They’re not that noticeable but it just adds a that cute Meghan Markle effect.

Lastly, I finished the look with my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in shade ‘Bitch Perfect’ and I used a nude lipliner from surprisingly Poundland to create the perfect pink lippy that Meghan wore.

Overall, I love this look and think I might do this more but without the fake lashes and maybe slightly thinner eyeliner. It’s the perfect natural look! I added to the overall finish with a low messy bun (Meghan’s signature hairstyle) and my smart blazer. For a quick moment, I felt a bit like a princess, haha! x Hope you liked this royal post, did you watch the wedding too? Please like and comment,

Love Jasmine xx

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