How To Do a Messy Bun with Long Hair​!

The hot weather is slowly appearing and you girlies with long hair all know what it’s like when your hair is down and your back gets a bit sweaty. Anyway, it’s not that nice and it always manages to stick itself to your ice cream. It took me a while to master the messy bun and Youtube videos really weren’t helping me, but this is my technique and I’ll explain it as best I can.

First, gather your hair into a high pony and start tying it up with an elastic. I brush mine into a quite a neat ponytail, then make it messy after but it’s up to you whether you casually tie it up for your personal amount of messiness. Also, you may decide you want a low bun or a medium bun which should work fine too.

Wait! Don’t pull it through that last loop as this is where we make our long hair into an easier length to work with. Pull your hair as far as it goes, but just before you are about to pull it all the way through, let go of the hair band so that you have a large loop of hair.

This is where it all gets easy. Just twist that loop of hair, nice and tight then wrap it round close to your head in the formation of a doughnut. Once you have got the bun, secure it with another elastic.

Now you can pull at bits to make it more messy looking and pin down any bits of sticking out hair. To make it more secure use more bobby pins in the places it feels loose.

I hope you are currently reading with an adorable messy bun in your hair because now you know the method behind it. If you are still struggling, keep practising and maybe try some different techniques that work for you. Like always please leave a like, a comment, maybe a follow?

Love Jasmine xx

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