Review​ on a Belly Button Piercing!

Hey everyone, earlier this month I was finally able to change my navel piercing because it is finally fully healed. As the summer is nearing some of you guys may be considering a belly button piercing and to help with your decision I have put together this post to share my thoughts on the subject.

I had mine done on the 26th October and it was a bit spontaneous. I decided it was a good idea because it would be healed by summer. Everyone asks whether it hurts and in my case, I really didn’t think it was bad, they put cold spray on my stomach to numb the area which made it quick and painless. As for prices, mine was £25 but the price varies depending on where you go – just make sure the place you pick is clean and sanitized!

It takes about 6 months to heal before you can change it. I was given an antiseptic solution which I used every morning and night for about 2 months to keep it from getting infected. I will warn you during its recovery it get’s a bit gooey but you can just clean it up with a cotton bud. You know it’s pretty much healed when the gooing stops.img_7095

I changed mine on the 3rd April so it was a little early but I could tell it was healed. My mum helped me change it and it didn’t hurt at all. We sterilized the new belly bar and my belly button with the antiseptic solution to prevent bacteria or infection.

Overall, I don’t regret my piercing or anything like that. In fact, I am still completely in love with it and I’m holding on for bikini weather so I can show it off! If you’re thinking about getting one I would say go ahead.

I hope this was some useful information for you and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Please like and follow for more,

Love Jasmine xx

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