Get Unready With Me!

Hey everyone! Today I plan to talk about how I get unready for bed which includes my skincare routine as well as my general routine. I see so many of these ‘Get Unready With Me’ blog posts and videos so I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I like to kick start my evening by doing a workout. I just do 15-30 minutes of exercise. I know this doesn’t seem like long to some people but I find doing a quick workout for most days of the week keeps me fit and healthy as well general exercise throughout the day (like walking to the bus stop and back and around school all day).

I’m usually a bit hot and sweaty after that so I run myself a nice bubbly bath and relax for a bit. At this point I’m probably flicking through Instagram or 21 buttons which you should follow me on (@justjasmineella) 😉 or watching YouTube.

Time to start my skincare routine:

First, I wash my face with my favourite Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Wash. This amazing wash keeps all the blackheads away and helps reduce spots.

Angels on Bare Skin is my saving grace! Since I have been using this most of my spots just disappeared and now I feel so confident in my skin. I went through a phase where I was quite conscious of my spots and was layering myself in makeup every day which is not good for your skin, but now I leave the house happily with a bare face. Of course, I still have a few spots as I am at a very hormonal stage in life so that’s pretty normal but AOBS clears up the redness so much that no one takes notice of them.

I pat my face dry then choose a night cream. It’s pretty much between Korres night mask or TONYMOLY banana night cream – I love both of them.

One of my pet peeves is tired eyes (is that odd?) I hate dark circles but I think I’ve been blessed because I’ve never experienced really bad dark circles however as my eyes are hooded I do get a droopy looking eyelid which gets on my nerves. No one notices it until I point it out but it bugs me so I use an eye cream which usually deals with it. I love the Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream, Clinique All About Eyes, Clinique Pep Start eye cream and the TONYMOLY Cool Eye Panda Stick. They are my all-time go-to’s.

Lastly, I apply my spot gel. I usually change this up whenever I run out as I want to test lots out and find which one works best for me. Currently, I’m using the Freederm fast track gel which seems to reduce the size and redness of my spots as long I keep using it continuously.

You may have noticed I try to keep my skincare routine limited as too much can irritate my skin. I also don’t scrub or rub harshly, I gently massage my cleansers and creams into my skin and pat down my face when I’m drying it with a soft, clean towel.

Trying to stick to my new year’s resolution of using up my toiletries, I butter myself up in body lotion. Now we’ve stepped into spring I’ve been mixing my normal body lotion with a bit of this gradual tan body lotion. I mix it so that it’s not streaky or too dark as I only want a subtle glow for the upcoming short sleeves and skirts.

Once I have finished all of that, I tidy up my room because I can’t go to sleep with a messy room – I like the pleasure of waking up to a bright, clean space around me. Then I may do some blogging or homework before heading off to sleep. I try to aim to get to sleep around half nine but it usually ends up being about ten – I’m trying to work on that.

I hope you enjoyed getting unready with me, this ended up being quite long so well done if you made it this far. Please like, comment and follow. Also, are there any skincare products or tips you could recommend to me? Don’t hesitate to share them.

Love Jasmine xx

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