How To Get the Perfect Eyeliner! (And Tips for Double Eyelids)

Eyeliner is one of my favourite parts of makeup but I know a lot of people struggle with it. If you just keep practising you should get the hang of it eventually but here are some tips to get you on your way a bit more quickly. img_6113

It’s important to find the right eyeliner. Personally, I like a felt tip style liquid liner best but I also get on with a common liquid liner. If you’re just starting out I would recommend the felt tip style or a very good pencil.                4473371488_img_3202

You may have seen the dot method before and I would say this is a good way to create a slick line as the small dots join up easily. img_6103_facetune_13-03-2018-19-43-21

Of course, the tape method is very popular and this certainly does work when you’re trying to do a wing. If you’re going to use tape it’s wise to use masking tape just to avoid irritating your skin. When I did this my wing wasn’t completely neat but keep reading to learn how you can easily fix that.img_6104_facetune_13-03-2018-19-42-36img_6105_facetune_13-03-2018-19-41-11

If you’re going for the classic big wing but you can’t quite get it to go smoothly just do it roughly then clean it up after with a cotton bud and some makeup remover.img_6110img_6112img_6111

Sometimes people ask me how I do my eyeliner but all I do is start from the inner corner of the eye and make slow strokes across then I draw a line for my wing and make it as thick, thin, long or short as I want. Of course, I mess up sometimes and honestly, I think there are just days when your eyeliner decides to go well and days it doesn’t.img_6109

Lastly, I would really like to give some tips about eyeliner for slightly double eyelids like mine. I find if I start to make the line over my eye very thick, it doesn’t compliment my eyes and makes them look small. I advise doing a thin line over the eyelid like I have done which means you still look bright and awake. I also never put eyeliner on my bottom waterline as that also makes my eyes look small so I just stick to a neat, thin line over the lid and my wing doesn’t seem to cause any problems.

I hope this helps and keep practising your eyeliner, don’t rush, just take your time to determine your personal techniques. Thanks for reading and please leave a like, comment or follow.

Love Jasmine xx

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