How to Style: Walking Boots!

I recently bought some walking boots for my Duke of Edinburgh and I want to be able to wear them on the weekends or whenever, even if I’m not going on a long walk or expedition. I have made a selection of outfits they will work with so I could share these with you guys and if you are kind of in the same situation as me or have a pair of walking boots sitting in their box, here are some ways you can style them.



By accessories, I mean socks and laces. I love putting a pair of walking boots with a pair of cream socks rolled over. Any colour looks great I just always seem to lean towards cream or grey. I wanted to add a girly touch to my boots so I ordered some pink laces from eBay but again you could buy some laces in the colour of your choice.


Of course, the go-to item is a skinny pair of jeans as you can put anything with jeans, especially walking boots. I like the how it looks when you roll up your jeans once or twice, or let your socks show which was in the previous paragraph. You can easily match this outfit with a top of your choice – my personal preference would be (for winter) a knit jumper and a gilet.4824527248_img_2450


I’m saving this one for the summer but pairing denim shorts and walking boots create a really cute and adventurous outfit. To make it interesting you could try ripped shorts or even a range of coloured shorts. Personally, I think baby pink denim cutoffs would go a treat!4824527248_img_2451-1

A Dress/Skirt

You have to find the right dress to put with your walking boots so I’d say this could take a bit of trial and error. Put on your boots and try on some dresses until you find an outfit that looks really cute. I’m imagining a jumper dress or a skater dress, maybe even a tight jersey dress. Also, a skirt would look so adorable with your hiking boots, just follow the same rules as the dress.

Those are all my style tips. Are there any more you would suggest? Please leave a comment if so and I’d love if you liked and followed.

Love Jasmine xx

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