Valentines Gift Guide! (For Her)

Here are some ideas for those who are a bit lost when Valentine shopping and I’ve done it quite early so there is still lots of time to shop. I hope this gives you some inspiration even if you’re not Valentine shopping. I know I like to look at these kinds of blog posts for good gift ideas when one of my friends or family’s birthday is coming up.

For the beauty lovers: These are my top 3 picks for those girls who love everything beauty related and keep up with the hype.

  1. Anastasia Modern Rennisance Palette – This is a staple palette that is on my wishlist and the gorgeous colours are perfect for a Valentine’s gift. Maybe you could pair it with a bunch of red roses?
  2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray – I have heard huge hype over these sprays and if you have a beauty guru on your hands who hasn’t got this, it’s definitely the ideal gift.
  3. Anastasia Glow Kit – According to beauty YouTubers, bloggers and Instagrammers this is a must-have makeup product. You can’t go wrong with the highlight palette.

For the Fashion Lovers: These are my top 3 picks for the fashion icons we know and love, dreaming to model in Vogue.

  1. Gucci Leather Belt with Double G – Of course, this won’t be in everyone’s price range but if you’re looking to impress this is the one. Every fashionista is dressing up their jeans with this gorgeous belt. If you look around there are loads of similar copies which cuts down the price A LOT.
  2. Pandora – Everyone has Pandora these days. I can’t guide you on what to get but if your partner has a bracelet, maybe a special charm would be appropriate but they sell a huge range of jewellery and I know they’ve already got a Valentine’s section.
  3. A Watch – watches are such lovely presents. Make sure you find one that you know your gorgeous lady will love as everyone has a personal watch taste. I think this is such a sophisticated and romantic gift.

A mix of things: I couldn’t think of a good category name for this section but it’s basically life and some other great gift ideas.

  1. A candle – It’s hard to go wrong with a candle and although simplistic if you bought some flowers, chocolates and maybe a cutesy teddy bear it makes a great surprise. It’s a very cheesy but romantic gesture.
  2. A book – If they are anything like me I would recommend ‘Capture Your Style’ and ‘Paris through a Fashion Eye’. A book I love and a book I really want. I’m sure you know their kind of style and genre taste so pick a book that’s best suited.
  3. Anything they seem interested in –  This is more like advice but start watching carefully for those subtle hints and you can probably find the perfect gift very easily.

That’s my gift guide for you, nine of my top picks. Please leave a comment, like or follow and I’d love to know if you enjoyed this post or it helped you in any way. Thanks for reading,

Love Jasmine xx

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