5 Makeup Items Under £5!

I saw this blog post not long ago and I would love to share my top  5 beauty products under £5. I think this is such a good idea and really interesting to see what you can get for such good prices. If you’re like me (a teenager with not that much money) then these blog posts can be really handy too.

W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder

This is one of my favourites because it is so cheap (ranging from about £2.50 to £4 depending on where you’re buying from) but it is so amazing. It’s such an amazing dupe for Benefit Hoola bronzer and gives you a lovely bronzy glow.

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick

Makeup Revolution does a huge line of lipsticks and I believe they are all under £5. This particular one is just my favourite and I won it in a giveaway which was cool. It’s the Rose Gold Lipstick in the shade ‘Chauffer’. I love this shade and it’s nearly the exact same colour as my Rosie by Autograph lipstick except for the difference in price is £11!

Freedom Brow Pomade

The Freedom brow pomade is not quite under £5; pricing at exactly £5. I really like this and it’s a great dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade (I’ve heard). This is such a good drugstore product and leaves your brows looking “on fleek”.

Makeup Revolution Flick and Thin

My go to eyeliner is this makeup revolution one. It’s only £3.50 and I love that it has two sides. I prefer the thin side for precision but the thick side is great for filling in a thick wing. Mine has lasted me ages and when it finally goes I will definitely repurchase it. If you decide to get it – make sure you don’t pick up the one with a pencil liner on the other end because I’ve tried it and the eyeliner was dried up and unusable although that could have just been mine.

Hello Kitty Concealer

Now this is really random and my friends laugh when I show them this but it’s a Hello Kitty concealer. I buy it from Poundland and I don’t know how I came across it but the consistency is so good; perfect for carving out my brows and doing a cut crease! It would probably be lucky if you come across this but if you do I recommend giving it a try.

I hope this comes in handy next time you want some new makeup on a very tight budget. Please leave a like, comment or a follow,

Love Jasmine xx

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