Boxing Day/January Sales Haul!

I love the January sales because it’s a good chance to treat yourself after doing Christmas shopping for other people. I also think some of the deals are really good and it’s a great opportunity to get things at a good price.

The first thing I managed to find was in TK Maxx and it was these Ardell Wispies. I wanted to try these fake eyelashes anyway but to find them for £3 was a good bonus.4475475696_img_1515

I’ve been really wanting an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade but it’s quite expensive and because I can only get it online I don’t know what the right colour is.  I’ve heard that the Freedom pro brow pomade is an amazing dupe so I decided to try it. I didn’t get this at any special price but I thought I’d include it as I bought it during my January sales shopping.4475475696_img_1525

In Primark, I picked up some really comfy, cotton leggings. I wanted these before Christmas but I didn’t get time to get any. I just wanted some to lounge about the house in and when I saw they were half price I thought it was the perfect chance to get some.IMG_1742

In Debenhams, I found this lovely contour palette reduced from £8 to £4. It’s got lovely shades in and I thought it was a really good find.

I wanted to include this lovely Jack Wills weekend bag, my mum bought when she was shopping in the sales at Boots. This was reduced from £50 to £25 and you get lots of really lovely products in it. Also, my mum got some Jack Wills celebration crackers with gorgeous mini treats like hairbands, clips, nail polishes and body care things inside. For all the products you get, it’s a great deal at half price for £8.


Picture above from Jack Wills website.


Another Jack Wills find, was this stunning cable knit jumper made out of real lambswool which I ended up getting for £17.50. It was originally £40 but they sale priced it at £22 then took 20% off as a special that day which made it an awesome result and a bargain.IMG_1773

Did you get anything in the Boxing day/January sales? I love hearing what other people managed to find as it’s always very interesting so comment! X Like always, remember to like and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

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