My New Years Resolutions!

A new year, a new me! I hope this year is going to be really good and I hope you had good New Years celebrations. Did you celebrate with a party? Anyway let’s not get distracted, I’m here to tell you my new year’s resolutions and I want to work hard to achieve them all.

Use up my body lotions and hand creams

I have a lot of lotions and hand creams that I need to use up. I always forget to use them so now I intend to use them every night and some mornings. This counts for all my toiletries actually.5699024224_img_1601

Do more exercise

I used to do a quick workout a lot but I’ve got lazy and stopped so I want to get into doing just a 5-15 minute workout each night.20180103_115652590_iOS

Plan ahead more blog posts

I want to post more on my blog and after doing blogmas I realised if I keep quite active on my blog I gain some more lovely followers. I can post more if I start planning and writing more posts a bit ahead of time.

Drink more water

I think this was one of my goals last year and I’m definitely drinking more than 2016 but I want to make sure that I’m taking a bottle of water to school every day and drinking a big glass before bed.20180103_115210980_iOS

Get to bed earlier

I need more sleep so I can really focus at school and I think it’s a lot healthier for me to get a good nights sleep.20180103_122644950_iOS

These are just a few because if I make too many, I’ll never achieve them. What are your New Years resolutions? Remember to follow, like and comment,

Love Jasmine xx

14 thoughts on “My New Years Resolutions!

  1. onelifestylemum says:

    Love you resolution for using up your lotions and hand creams. I need to do that too 🙂 I’m so addicted to buying beauty products ahaha I might need to do a project pan. Great post! I would love for you to check out my latest post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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