December Favourites! 2018

Can you believe I’ve been doing blogging for a year now – it was my Blogiversary on the 27th. Anyway, I hope this next year is going to be really good so let’s get into what I’ve been loving this month.

If you read my Weekly Calendar Round-Up blog post you would’ve seen this Diego Dalla Palma Ciglione mascara. I love it because it adds so much length to my lashes like a false lash effect. The only criticism is that it’s slightly clumpy so I use a different mascara to separate and volumize my lashes.

Before school finished I received this Fruity body scrub as a Christmas present from my friend and I’ve been really in need of a good body scrub so I was very happy to get this. It smells delicious and leaves you feeling silky, however, if you use it in the bath beware seeds/bits are left behind. (I’ve forgotten to take a picture but here’s a link to the gift set you can get it in – link)

This Barry M foundation is a perfect light-medium foundation for me to wear on a daily basis. It doesn’t go very matte but I don’t mind. I’ve also been using this Look Good Feel Better makeup sponge that I received in my calendar. The flat sides are perfect for getting into crevices and it’s a very bouncy sponge that applies the foundation flawlessly.

My mum found this straightening cream when she was clearing up and I’ve been using what’s left over before I straighten my hair. It definitely keeps my hair straighter for longer and protects it from the heat.

Lastly, of course, I’ve been loving my M&S beauty calendar. It’s such a steal for what it’s worth and the variety of brands lets me try out lots of new things as well as giving some perfect items for travelling with. If you want to see what was inside all the check my Weekly Calendar Round-Ups. Click here for: (Week 1)  (Week 2)   (Week 3)   (Week 4)

Hope you enjoyed and had a lovely Christmas. Remember to follow and like,

Love Jasmine xx

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