Calendar Weekly Round Up​ (Week 2)

If you read my last Calendar Weekly Round Up you’d know I’m going to be posting every 7 days what’s in my Marks & Spencer beauty calendar.

Day 8 – Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara

This mascara is very waterproof which makes it last for ages. The brush is slightly curled so it catches all your lashes. I really like this as it’s very black and gives a nice, dramatic effect.IMG_2384.jpg

Day 9 – NailsInc Gel One Coat (shade: Molten Star)

I love NailsInc nail polish and this is a gorgeous gold colour which is perfect for this festive season but can be worn all year round. You get a full sized product which is really generous.IMG_2434.jpg

Day 10 – Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel

This product should give your skin a lift when it feels dull. I tried some out and was really surprised. It comes out as a translucent, smooth liquid and when you apply it to your skin it starts to almost exfoliate your dry skin. It feels really moisturising and smells really fresh. I actually like how it leaves your skin feeling so smooth after.IMG_2485.jpg

Day 11 – Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge

This is a lovely brand and they are the only global cancer charity supporting women with the visible side effects of cancer treatment. I love the sponge as the flat sides mean I can get into the small crevices of my face and it leaves my foundation looking flawless.IMG_2515.jpg

Day 12 – Alphah Liquid Gold Rose (Limited Edition)

I love the original Liquid Gold and was really intrigued to see this in my calendar. It smells absolutely delicious and it’s supposed to offer you instant hydration while still resurfacing and smoothing like the original Liquid Gold.IMG_2569.jpg

Day 13 – Shay & Blue Boutique Perfumery ( Scent: Blood Orange)

I was over the moon to see this as I loved the one they put in the M&S calendar last year and it was really exciting to see a different scent. This smells exactly as it’s named, it has a lovely strong scent of oranges. I haven’t smelt a perfume similar to this and I really like it.IMG_2571.jpg

Day 14 – Emma Hardie Moringa Balm

This was in the calendar last year and I don’t mind seeing it again because I really like this product. You put it on your face and leave it on for a while, it hydrates your face and gives it a better appearance then you rinse it off. It smells lovely really does the job.

I’ve loved this week as I did find the week before was a lot of creams but this is a nice mixture of products. Whi calendar have you got this Christmas? Like, share and follow,

Love Jasmine xx

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