Money Saving Tips for Christmas Shopping!

I don’t know about you but I love Christmas shopping for people. Buying gifts makes me feel so excited! I’ve made up a list of things to help you have fun when Christmas shopping whilst also leaving you some pennies in your pocket after Christmas…

Make a budget-

I like to separate out roughly how much I’m going to spend on each person I’m buying for, like a budget for each person. You have to stick to the budget for it to work. A budget helps you to not spend too much and lose count of what you’ve spent and it also helps you know exactly how much you need to save.
Find the cheapest deal-

This does not mean the present is cheap, it just helps you to get it for the best price possible. Websites like mean you can compare the price of an item at hundreds of shops and shows you the history of an items price on Amazon, it also alerts you if the price drops. Websites like these really help.
Discount codes and sales-

Always have a little look through a sale section in shops because there are often some great items and good gifts. Also if you’re shopping online, scour the internet for discount codes as you can get some items at a much better price.
Amazon Prime-

If you intend on doing a lot of shopping online then this is the perfect time to trial Amazon’s 30 days Prime. This means all your gifts will be delivered on time and you save money on some shipping costs.
Get a Saturday job-

I’ve been trying to get a Saturday job, unfortunately, because I’m only 14, I’ve been finding it hard. However, if you’re at least 16 and looking for some extra money for Christmas, I would definitely recommend trying to get a job. If you can’t find one, or are too young then another way to earn some extra pennies is to do jobs around the house for friends or family, after all it’s a busy time and this is often really appreciated as well as earning you some spending money.
I hope this was a handy blog post and it was my first blogmas so… yay! (Like and Follow)
Love Jasmine xx

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