November Favourites!

November has been a lovely month with lots of fun things happening. I’m not going to ramble on so let’s get straight into the blogpost…
I absolutely love my Naked Heat palette. You can probably tell as I did a blogpost about it and it’s featured in a couple of my instagram pics. The colours are so perfect for autumn, winter and Christmas.img_2675
Chocolate peanuts are one of those random things I’ve been obsessed with this month. They’re such a good snack while watching the telly or just as a nibble at lunch. I like the ones from Marks&Spencers food hall and Waitrose . 
I’ve been using the studio 10 primer loads this month and it gives my foundation a lovely finish. I also feel that it’s doing some good for my skin with all it’s healing properties.img_3341-1
I bought these slippers in Home Bargains and they were just over £3 (what a bargain?!). I love slip on slippers as they are comfy to wear around the house and keep my feet at the perfect temperature. They are so cute and the Pom Pom is so fluffy!img_2811
Lastly I’ve been feeling a ‘Scream Queen’ vibe whilst wearing these adorable pearl earmuffs. They are so warm and cosy whilst also looking fab and chic. img_3139
Hope you enjoyed. Share this with a friend x
Love Jasmine xx

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