Dressing Table Tour!

When I wrote my ‘Room Makeover’ Blogpost I mentioned that I’d love to do a more in-depth blog post about my dressing table so here it is! I’ll try and be brief as we don’t want this getting boring.

I bought my dressing table from Ikea and it’s the ‘Hemnes dressing table with mirror’ I bought the matching stool and to make it feel a bit luxurious I bought a sheepskin rug to lay over or under my stool. IMG_1682IMG_1677

I separated all my makeup brushes into cute pots and displayed them on top of one of the mini drawers. This makes it super easy when I’m doing my makeup to see all my brushes. IMG_1660

On top of the other little drawer, I put this organiser with a few staple lip products in and some other products that I like to have handy. My Pandora boxes fit neatly along the side of the drawer which I keep all of my everyday jewellery in. IMG_1659

Beneath my mirror, I keep some pretty perfume bottles and my favourite body spray on a wooden tray lined with gold. I will probably switch up what I put on the tray every so often.IMG_1663

In one little drawer, I keep some cotton buds and pads. I also have some hair accessories like elastics, a comb, hairband, some bobby pins and safety pins. In the other drawer, I keep all my mascaras and eyeliners.

A neat drawer comes out from underneath which contains my main makeup that I use on a more regular basis. This is currently split up into 3 sections but I’ve also put in a couple of trays to help organise it a little better. I’d like to get some additional dividers now as this system works and keeps everything neatly from getting mixed up. IMG_1669

That’s pretty much everything except that I keep a long pink pot underneath my dressing table to put my plugs and wires into so it stays neat and pretty. IMG_1673

I hope you enjoyed touring around my dressing table! Please follow and like X

Love Jasmine xx

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