Naked Heat Palette​ Review​!

I am so happy, I was finally able to get my hands on the Naked heat palette. I bought it in Debenhams while there was an offer of 15% off of beauty items and it was only £33.57.  I have wanted this palette for a while but as I don’t have a job or anything and have to use pocket money etc it took me longer to save up. Anyway, read on to find out more of what I think…

The packaging-

The packaging is the best yet. I love the box it comes in with the pictures of burnt matches on the inside. The actual palette itself has a kind of 3D effect as it has an illusion of 2 layers. It’s magnetic when it opens and shuts which I always love as it gives it a smooth shutting feeling. The inside is sparkly which looks fabulous and has a beautiful shiny finish.IMG_1827IMG_1819The eyeshadow-

I personally love the range of colours as I often use browny orangy colours. All the tones are very warm and pretty. The eyeshadow is kind of creamy which is lovely and really pigmented. They are perfectly blendable and buildable so you can create so many different looks. They last all day and stay looking beautiful.

The brush-

The brush is really pretty and has a sparkly bit in the middle. I wouldn’t use it for blending as it can feel a little stiff, however, for applying a colour more precisely, it is great. The brush really completes the palette.IMG_1820IMG_1825IMG_1826

My favourite shades-

I love Sauced and Low Blow to create a lovely crease. Lumbre and Dirty talk are stunning rosy brown shimmer eyeshadows and I love adding a sparkly colour to my lid. The shade En Fuego really stands out for me and it’s just a gorgeous colour. The name is also lovely too. It has an undertone of purple while being a lovely brown and it stands out because there are no similar colours in the palette.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Overall, I completely recommend this beautiful Heat Palette. Don’t forget to like and follow x

Love Jasmine x

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