My Room Makeover!

So I’ve just had my room changed up a little from children’s furniture to adult furniture. I now feel tiny in my room of giant furniture but I’m absolutely in love! Read along to see what changes were made and get some inspiration…img_2389

I had a bedside table and a set of five drawers which left a gap in the middle where I often stored some of my camera stuff. The set of drawers were starting to slightly fall apart but they’ve been going strong for a good amount of years considering I’ve had them since I was 2! img_2358-1

In the corner of my room, I had this tiny wooden desk. It was sturdy and fitted perfectly in that corner but it was too small and I needed something bigger. I also had a couple of shelves above it to display some things.img_2355-1

We ventured off to Ikea and found the perfect furniture that would fit in my room and that I would also love.


I replaced my bedside table with a ‘Hemnes 2 drawer chest’ I love that this still matches my bedside light and has a bigger space on top to display some things.                              We bought a huge ‘Hemnes chest of 6 drawers’. The drawers are so spacious and the really deep one is perfect for all my chunky knits. I did, however, find it’s very tall and its sudden largeness made everything look a bit lost at first when displayed on top. I’m getting used to it now though and love the extra storage.img_2373-2

My dressing table is probably my favourite new piece of furniture just because I’ve always envied people who have a proper traditional-style dressing table. It’s a huge jump up from my teeny tiny desk and chair and has a hidden drawer for all my makeup!  I’d really love to do a more in-depth blog post about how I’ve styled it. The telly needs to be moved up a tad away from the mirror (my Dad is on the case) but that’s another job for another day. Other than that I’m obsessed and  I haven’t stopped playing around with it.img_2367-1


The cat has also taken a liking to the new stool and sheepskin rug 🙂

I know this was a bit of a random blog post but I thought it was just a bit of fun and it was also interesting to see the changes. I am so unbelievably grateful for the new additions to my room and I love it so much! Please like and follow my blog Xx

Love Jasmine xx

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