DIY: Painted Pumpkin!

I don’t know if this is a bit silly because painting a pumpkin seems like quite an easy thing to do but I thought I’d share some tips or whatever. I had so much fun painting my little pumpkin and it turned out so cute! It’s way easier than carving it all out and it looks just as adorable.img_1634

You must remember a base coat (preferably white). This will make the colour you’re painting your pumpkin stand out better rather than not being opaque enough. I found some little tester pots of paints at Wilkinson’s. They were £1 each and there’s more than enough paint so we still have some leftover. I bought 3 colours which were a pastel pink, blue and obviously the base colour, white.img_2153

You have to be really patient while letting each layer dry. The paint doesn’t take too long to dry unless you’ve used a thick layer of it. Don’t try and paint on top of a wet layer – It’s headed for disaster. I painted mine all pink then once that had dried I painted ‘Boo!’ on the front to give it a better Halloween vibe.img_1583

The bottom of it will take ages to dry if you don’t find a way of propping the pumpkin on its side or any way that the bottom isn’t touching a surface. Once I had mine propped I fully painted the painted the underneath pink too, however you need to do this as long as you can’t see any pumpkin when it’s standing.img_1580

If you want ideas on colours, phrases, patterns etc. have a look on Pinterest and Instagram – that’s where I got the idea to do this from! Please give a like if you enjoyed x And follow…

Love Jasmine xx


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