What I Got For My Birthdayyyy!

A quick disclaimer: I am so very grateful for everything I received and I know how incredibly lucky I am. I personally just love watching and reading these type videos and blog posts and have always wanted to do one myself as seems like fun. I’m just skimming through and only including some things as I don’t want this to become boring, but I wanted to share a few of the gifts I am enjoying using.IMG_1457


I was so overjoyed to get three ‘Pandora’ things! I’ve been after the perfume charm and the cascading glamour spacer that I thought went so well together and I got them! Yay 🙂 My mum also got me a little surprise which was a gorgeous flower ring – It’s so sparkly!  Another surprise was my ‘Warren James’  silver pendant necklace. My mum noticed I needed a simple but pretty necklace and she found the perfect one!



I’m completely in love with my super soft dressing gown. I love the slogan on it: “I need room service please” It’s so pretty! Another fave is my ‘Lipsy’ blouse – It’s frilly and light and I see myself wearing this all the time. I also got a beautiful frilly, knit jumper and some comfy jeans. From Boux Avenue I received a brilliant pink jumper to lounge about in and some really plush pjs. My nan found me the perfect autumn pink boots and a very pretty scarf!  Lastly, I got some Jack Wills socks – this purchase may have been more to get the lovely bag they came packaged in!


I thought I’d lost my fave felt pen eyeliner so I put eyeliner on my birthday list. Long story short I found my eyeliner but still received some stunning eyeliners, one being the ‘Elf’ liner and the ‘Revolution’ Dual Eyeliner. My sister got me the ‘Revolution’ unicorn highlighter and it’s so stunning. I was also thrilled to get the ‘Rosie for Autograph’ Lipstick. It’s such a lush shade (silk cami) and suits me so well.IMG_1427

Homey/random stuff-

My sister treated me to this gold, white and grey swirly patterned pillow and I think it will look so pretty on some crisp white sheets. She also got me the cutest notebook.  For displaying my polaroids, I got this adorable frame to hang a few favourites in. Also the day before my birthday we went to the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells where my mum bought me a lovely olive colour, waffle blanket. My aunt gave me a stunning rose gold speaker that I have literally used all the time since I’ve had it.IMG_1438

From Friends:

I’m am lucky enough to have some amazing friends who also gave me lovely gifts.

My bestie boo, Eleni found me some marvellous new brushes. They’re unicorn brushes! She also got me a little album made for polaroids and it is so cute. I can’t wait to get into the new book she got me too called ‘Finding Audury’ by Sophie Kinsella.IMG_1368

My lovely friend Elise got me this chic cup and I adore it! (by the way, I don’t actually drink prosecco – I hate the taste of alcohol) She also got me this stunning nightgown that matches both the cup and my new dressing gown perfectly! Lastly, she got me a cute crop top and little cat figure she found whilst on holiday in Spain.

Another gorgeous friend also called Jasmine, got me some peg string lights. I think these will look especially good at Christmas with fave pics and cards displayed on them! I love a relaxing bath and Jasmine also got me some luscious bath salts. To keep my hands looking lovely, she got me a hand cream that smells scrumptious.IMG_1356

Lots of my friends at school also spoilt me with sweets and chocolate gifts but I’ve pretty much eaten it all so no pictures 😉

There are a few other lovely things that I’ve missed out but I didn’t want to make a list that might be boring to my readers! I really wasn’t trying to show off in any way, but hope this could be good inspiration for choosing teenage girl gifts. I LOVE everything I got soooo much!

Love Jasmine xx


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