Autumn Skincare Switch-Up!

Now we’ve stepped into autumn I’ve naturally got into a new skincare routine. My skin often gets a bit worse, as in prone to breakouts, or dry patches when it starts to get colder so I’m using more products than I usually do in summer.

It’s always best to start fresh. I wash off any make-up and cleanse my face with face wash. Personally, I love the Neutrogena Visibly Clear‘ face wash which helps with spots and blackheads. This face wash has really helped keep my skin breakouts under control.

If there’s any kind of leftover makeup like liquid liner that won’t come off with my face wash, I use some makeup remover and currently I’m pleased with the Garnier Micellar Water’.IMG_0661

A couple of times a week, I use ‘Liquid Gold’ which helps with blackheads, blemishes and really helps revitalize your skin overnight.IMG_1303

As a kind of base, I apply the ‘Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser‘  This doesn’t irritate your skin and It keeps you hydrated. It’s also very non-oily and leaves you with a matte finish.IMG_7414

My favourite product Is the Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. I absolutely love this! I wake up with much clearer and brighter looking skin. You can see a big difference after you use it.

IMG_1273Under my eyes, I use Clinique All About Eyes cream. It has more of a serum consistency and is quite thick.  I feel like it brightens up under your eyes on those long autumn days.IMG_1279

To finish up, I apply my ‘Witch Blemish Stick‘ if I have any breakouts or blemishes.

Has Your skincare routine changed much? I’d love to know! Hope you enjoyed,

Love Jasmine xx

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